TRESemmé Rejuvenating Mud Masque


Alright, y’all, so I’ll admit it… I’m a sucker for deep conditioning products. An absolute sucker. If you find the right ones, they are magic for hair that you fry with too much heat too regularly (you know you do it too!). So I picked this up at Walgreens (2 for $7.00, 1 for $3.60) and gave it a go. It’s made with Dead Sea Minerals, and I did a little research, which seems to suggest that these are good for your hair. Thank goodness. But anyway, since this is a mud masque with at least some level of natural ingredients, I was expecting an earthy smell or texture. No such thing. Don’t get me wrong; it smells fantastic, but it smells processed and sweet, not earthy. The texture is smooth and thick, just like you’d expect. There’s a generous amount in the container, especially if you snagged it on a sale like I did!

Now, when it comes to application, with this masque, the old saying “less is more” is NOT true. I needed to slather on a pretty thick coat of it for it to feel good. I know; I gave this product two trial runs already. I left it on for five minutes before I rinsed it off both times. The time I used less product didn’t work out so well. I really felt like I just used my regular conditioner and nothing special. But the time I really laid it on there (and let my hair air dry because I secretly believe that helps it penetrate thoroughly), my hair felt pretty great. Soft, shiny, manageable… I was pleased, especially for the price.

With all that considered, it’s an okay product. I’m not gonna rave about it, but it did its job for a low price. Would I buy it again? On sale, yes. But as it is, I’m going to have it on hand for a while because I’ve got a whole lot left!

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you thought in the comments. Got a product you’d like me to try first? Let me know in the comments! Read this review? Well, heck, just let me know that in the comments too. 🙂 Happy Father’s Day, by the way!


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