Nivea Touch of Happiness Body Wash Review


So there’s probably going to be two posts today because I have two things I want to share. First, I want to share a review of this new body wash I picked up yesterday ($2.50 at Dollar General). The bottle pictured here is not the one I got; I got the 8.4 ounce bottle. I was not super impressed by the price on this smaller bottle, but let’s be honest, who is ever impressed by the price of small quantity items? But since I needed “emergency” body wash since I had forgotten mine on my way to my significant other’s, this price was doable, and Nivea is a long-standing brand (like 125 years or something). This product has bamboo extract and is supposedly both nourishing and energizing. Time to test it out.

When I got in the shower and pulled the plastic wrap off of the container and opened it, I was immediately impressed by the Orange Blossom scent. It IS invigorating, and the body wash went on smooth and thick enough to feel like I was washing thoroughly. It felt a bit like a lotion going on, but it still lathered up really well. As I got over the initial “ooh” of the smell, I started to feel like the citrus scent got a little overwhelming and a bit clinical and too clean smelling. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to say something smells too clean, but I don’t want to smell sterilized when I get out of the shower. With that said, the body wash washed off easily and my skin feels soft and supple and still has an ever-so-faint scent when I put my nose up to my arm (which I don’t do all the time, but you get the drift).

I liked this product a lot more than I thought even when I was just in the shower. My skin just feels good today! If I decide to pick this one up again, I’ll definitely scoop up the bigger bottle though. Buying in bulk (even bulk as little at 16 ounces) is a great way to save!


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