Aussie Sydney Smooth Anti-Humidity Spray


Where I Got It: Walgreens (yes, again, it was the same run as the other stuff)

Paid: $2.99 (Don’t know if your local Walgreens will have it, but mine had a little Aussie manufacturer’s coupon dispenser right there in the aisle that took $1 off of any Aussie product you wanted, so that’s why I didn’t pay the standard $3.99)

I got this bad boy because I was drawn to the words “anti-humidity.” I don’t know about you, but my hair freaks out in humid weather, and I live in humidity central. My hair becomes big, frizzy, and extremely hateful. Worst of all, it becomes almost sticky to the touch. Or at least, it gets this weird awful texture that no one would ever want to touch. So I got this spray without much hope that it could do anything about it because it’s a hairspray, not an anti-frizz spray.

I stand before you a changed woman. I am so into this spray. Using it is as simple as you would expect (spray it into damp hair and then style), but the payoff is huge! My hair felt a little less silky soft than it feels like on a normal, non-humid day, but compared to my usual humid-day hair, it’s a miracle in a bottle. And let me tell you, both of the days I tested this spray, it really got its workout. My car battery had died, and I had to walk four miles in the 92º heat to get to where I had to go. On a normal day, my hair would have been huge and foul, but this time, my hair was FINE. I kid you not. This spray withstood a big time test, and it has been added to my keeper/regular use pile of products.

See if you can snag one of those manufacturer coupons and get this stuff for yourself!



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