So, I realize that I have been telling you about products without giving you any comparative point as to what products I was using most recently before I started reviewing these products. So here it goes:

Shower Time!:
Okay… anyway… For shampoo and conditioner, I have been using Tousle Me Softly by Herbal Essences. The scent for that stuff is PHENOMENAL. I mean, it is is really kick butt and awesome. Plus the shampoo does a good job cleaning without stripping, and the conditioner makes my hair feel soft. For body wash, it’s double duty: daily I use St. Ives Triple Butter and weekly I use CVS Exfoliating (Yeah, you read that right. Store brand. I’ll do a post about that whole issue one day). The St. Ives (pictured below) is amazing. I could and should rave about it, but I’ll just say that it feels like you just somehow managed to clean your skin with lotion. It feels that good when you finish. The CVS Exfoliating gets the job done for a good refreshing scrub down once a week just because I really enjoy it. As far as razors, I use the Soleil razors, and I mostly just use body wash as shave gel.Image(Yes, this stuff above is amazing AND pretty darn inexpensive, especially if you catch a sale. DO IT.)

NOT Shower Time!:
Sorry for not managing a catchier name for the stuff I use when I’m not in the shower. Since I don’t religiously use hair care products (I use them, but not religiously, no prayers involved), I won’t bother to tell you all of the ones I have hanging around on my shelf that get used occasionally. I will say I love TIGI Bed Head Brunette Goddess Shine Spray. I know it’s more expensive than most of the stuff I have mentioned, but my little bottle has lasted me forever with regular use, and I just love it. Additionally, I love the Tousle Me Softly line from Herbal Essences. I use the Finishing Cream and/or the Spray Gel for my beach or lazy days. For scent, I love Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena body splash. I think it is one of the best scents in the world, but I don’t really use scent that often because I like to use fragrant shower products. And when I need hairspray, I use Suave Extreme Hold (but you have to use a certain technique or it makes your hair super crunchy and 80’s).

Face Wash:
Oh, you’d best believe I’m giving that its own section because I use Noxzema Cold Cream.  That’s right. The original cold cream that’s been coming in the same tub since 1914 without a formula change. I know it’s a smell that’s distinctive but not necessarily pleasant, but I swear by it, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate it is crazy. It’s an old reliable that will never let you down. It will never fail you. All for $3.04 a hefty tub at Target.

ImageSo there you have it. The current standard to which I measure the new products I tell you about. Just in case you were wondering.



So there’s probably going to be two posts today because I have two things I want to share. First, I want to share a review of this new body wash I picked up yesterday ($2.50 at Dollar General). The bottle pictured here is not the one I got; I got the 8.4 ounce bottle. I was not super impressed by the price on this smaller bottle, but let’s be honest, who is ever impressed by the price of small quantity items? But since I needed “emergency” body wash since I had forgotten mine on my way to my significant other’s, this price was doable, and Nivea is a long-standing brand (like 125 years or something). This product has bamboo extract and is supposedly both nourishing and energizing. Time to test it out.

When I got in the shower and pulled the plastic wrap off of the container and opened it, I was immediately impressed by the Orange Blossom scent. It IS invigorating, and the body wash went on smooth and thick enough to feel like I was washing thoroughly. It felt a bit like a lotion going on, but it still lathered up really well. As I got over the initial “ooh” of the smell, I started to feel like the citrus scent got a little overwhelming and a bit clinical and too clean smelling. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to say something smells too clean, but I don’t want to smell sterilized when I get out of the shower. With that said, the body wash washed off easily and my skin feels soft and supple and still has an ever-so-faint scent when I put my nose up to my arm (which I don’t do all the time, but you get the drift).

I liked this product a lot more than I thought even when I was just in the shower. My skin just feels good today! If I decide to pick this one up again, I’ll definitely scoop up the bigger bottle though. Buying in bulk (even bulk as little at 16 ounces) is a great way to save!


Alright, y’all, so I’ll admit it… I’m a sucker for deep conditioning products. An absolute sucker. If you find the right ones, they are magic for hair that you fry with too much heat too regularly (you know you do it too!). So I picked this up at Walgreens (2 for $7.00, 1 for $3.60) and gave it a go. It’s made with Dead Sea Minerals, and I did a little research, which seems to suggest that these are good for your hair. Thank goodness. But anyway, since this is a mud masque with at least some level of natural ingredients, I was expecting an earthy smell or texture. No such thing. Don’t get me wrong; it smells fantastic, but it smells processed and sweet, not earthy. The texture is smooth and thick, just like you’d expect. There’s a generous amount in the container, especially if you snagged it on a sale like I did!

Now, when it comes to application, with this masque, the old saying “less is more” is NOT true. I needed to slather on a pretty thick coat of it for it to feel good. I know; I gave this product two trial runs already. I left it on for five minutes before I rinsed it off both times. The time I used less product didn’t work out so well. I really felt like I just used my regular conditioner and nothing special. But the time I really laid it on there (and let my hair air dry because I secretly believe that helps it penetrate thoroughly), my hair felt pretty great. Soft, shiny, manageable… I was pleased, especially for the price.

With all that considered, it’s an okay product. I’m not gonna rave about it, but it did its job for a low price. Would I buy it again? On sale, yes. But as it is, I’m going to have it on hand for a while because I’ve got a whole lot left!

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you thought in the comments. Got a product you’d like me to try first? Let me know in the comments! Read this review? Well, heck, just let me know that in the comments too. 🙂 Happy Father’s Day, by the way!