Where I Got It: Walgreens (yes, again, it was the same run as the other stuff)

Paid: $2.99 (Don’t know if your local Walgreens will have it, but mine had a little Aussie manufacturer’s coupon dispenser right there in the aisle that took $1 off of any Aussie product you wanted, so that’s why I didn’t pay the standard $3.99)

I got this bad boy because I was drawn to the words “anti-humidity.” I don’t know about you, but my hair freaks out in humid weather, and I live in humidity central. My hair becomes big, frizzy, and extremely hateful. Worst of all, it becomes almost sticky to the touch. Or at least, it gets this weird awful texture that no one would ever want to touch. So I got this spray without much hope that it could do anything about it because it’s a hairspray, not an anti-frizz spray.

I stand before you a changed woman. I am so into this spray. Using it is as simple as you would expect (spray it into damp hair and then style), but the payoff is huge! My hair felt a little less silky soft than it feels like on a normal, non-humid day, but compared to my usual humid-day hair, it’s a miracle in a bottle. And let me tell you, both of the days I tested this spray, it really got its workout. My car battery had died, and I had to walk four miles in the 92º heat to get to where I had to go. On a normal day, my hair would have been huge and foul, but this time, my hair was FINE. I kid you not. This spray withstood a big time test, and it has been added to my keeper/regular use pile of products.

See if you can snag one of those manufacturer coupons and get this stuff for yourself!




Twice now, I have gotten professional manicures with SpaRituals products. Their products are vegan, largely chemical-free, and look GORGEOUS on your nails.

But they chip so fast it makes your head spin. Then once they start chipping, they completely PEEL off without nail polish remover. I got this professional manicure (which considering how frugal I am is a big deal) less than three days ago. Here’s a picture of how my nails looked this morning after no hard work whatsoever or anything that should have chipped my nails. This is just my thumb, but they all were comparably wrecked. This is the second time this has happened. Two different places. It has only ever happened with SpaRituals products. Not pleased. There will be no third chance.


ImageWhere I Got It: Walgreens

Paid: $2.50 (regular price $4.59)

So I made a Walgreens run last night to peruse sale items and see what I could pick up to try — what can I say? I’m addicted to giving new stuff a try! Well, really, the reason I went to Walgreens was because I needed a new wide tooth comb (too many broken tines from traveling with my old one), but anyway, I saw this bad boy on Closeout. Now, I know I have also seen it in CVS and Food Lion and maybe even Kroger, so the fact that it happened to be on Closeout at this one Walgreens did not deter me.

I got in the shower and tried it out last night. It is very thick, so you don’t have the issue of a bunch running out all at once (a slight issue I have with my beloved St. Ives Triple Butter). The smell was fresh and not too cloying, and the body wash went on like a lotion at first, which is good since it is supposed to be super moisturizing. At first, I was worried: “Is this going to lather up nicely?” But then it did, and when I got out of the shower, I felt both clean AND like I had already put on some good, rich lotion. Ladies, my skin felt good! It STILL feels way good many hours later. I love, love, love that!

Now, here is the rub: it’s not good for shaving. It says on the container to try it when shaving. Nuh-uh. Don’t bother. It gunks up your razor pretty badly and makes the whole shaving process even more odious than it would be normally. This “problem” with the product doesn’t bother me though because I’m perfectly happy being a two-product gal, and I often use a separate shaving cream/gel/wash. In fact, I’m trying out a new one I’ll be posting about soon!

Definitely a good product. Did it dethrone St. Ives Triple Butter, my beloved, cheap moisturizing body wash? I do like the smell of St. Ives better, but I like the extreme hydration of this Olay product. So here’s my opinion: If there is no sale, pay for St. Ives. It costs less flat rate and is excellent. If there is a sale, though, and you can pay equal or less for this Olay product than you would for the St. Ives, go Olay.

Ta-ta ’til next time!

ImageHello. Do you use drugstore makeup? Because if you do, get excited because this is a fun time to do so. If you don’t, well, you probably have a lot of good reasons to use more high-end makeup products, and I’ll never convince you to do otherwise to save a few bucks. Anyway, I LOVE THIS CONCEALER. It is the best concealer I have ever used. I’ve used sticks, liquids, and a few other powders, but nothing covers as nicely as this. It makes whatever you are trying to hide disappear. It’s seamless.

Now, it is not seamless if you brush it on. Brushing is not the way with this odd-looking little mineral concealer. Pick up some of the powder on the brush, tap the excess back into the container, and then pat the powder onto your problem spot. Pat, not brush. But if you pat, you will see it blend perfectly.

Finding your shade for this concealer is a little tricky. I unfortunately have two different containers of this because originally I got a shade too light for my skin, but once I got the right shade, I fell completely in love with this product that I got for $8.22 at Target.

Get it. Get it. Get it. Seriously.


Hey y’all! (Dunno why I’m saying y’all since there’s no one reading this yet, but I digress…)

Welcome to my little experiment in blogging. Some people blog to offer their deep thoughts to the world. Others blog to make people laugh. I am neither deep nor funny, but I do have a purpose in the blogging sphere anyway.

I love (repeat LOVE) trying out new beauty products. It’s something I do for fun because nothing is easier than a little at-home pampering on those days where you need a pick-me-up. Hair care products, hair styling products, skin care products, nail polish, DIY beauty products, and even a pinch of makeup… I love it ALL, and when I find a great new product, I always want to make sure I remember it, and I always want to tell my friends. However, I don’t always remember, and my friends don’t always care, so I’ve decided to start this little blog to track my opinions on products in hopes that people who are Googling a product to see if it’s worth a try can get my take on the matter.

I’m a fairly lazy twenty-something with shallow pockets and frugal sensibilities, so I don’t try it unless it is cheap, and I vow to tell you what I paid for something so if I say “it’s worth it,” you know what I mean it’s worth! I adore books and will probably often plug a book here and there, so be ready for that.

Welcome to Everyday Feel Good — it’s exactly what it sounds like. 🙂

(Oh, and you’re welcome for the picture I chose to include on this first post.)