Hey y’all! (Dunno why I’m saying y’all since there’s no one reading this yet, but I digress…)

Welcome to my little experiment in blogging. Some people blog to offer their deep thoughts to the world. Others blog to make people laugh. I am neither deep nor funny, but I do have a purpose in the blogging sphere anyway.

I love (repeat LOVE) trying out new beauty products. It’s something I do for fun because nothing is easier than a little at-home pampering on those days where you need a pick-me-up. Hair care products, hair styling products, skin care products, nail polish, DIY beauty products, and even a pinch of makeup… I love it ALL, and when I find a great new product, I always want to make sure I remember it, and I always want to tell my friends. However, I don’t always remember, and my friends don’t always care, so I’ve decided to start this little blog to track my opinions on products in hopes that people who are Googling a product to see if it’s worth a try can get my take on the matter.

I’m a fairly lazy twenty-something with shallow pockets and frugal sensibilities, so I don’t try it unless it is cheap, and I vow to tell you what I paid for something so if I say “it’s worth it,” you know what I mean it’s worth! I adore books and will probably often plug a book here and there, so be ready for that.

Welcome to Everyday Feel Good — it’s exactly what it sounds like. 🙂

(Oh, and you’re welcome for the picture I chose to include on this first post.)